Small Dog- (under 33 lbs.)  $27.00/day
Large Dog-  (34 lbs.-100 lbs.) $29.00/day
Extra Large Dog- (over 100 lbs.) $31.00/day
Cat- $23.00/day

All puppies add $3.00 extra per day
*Prices effective Sept 1st 2021 (subject to change) 
Drop Off & Pick Up:

Drop Offs- Since we are reserving a space for your pet the rate applies for the first day. (No matter what time you drop your dog or cat off)  

Pick Ups- If you pick your pet up before 11:00 AM you will not be charged for the day. If you pick up after 11:00 AM the boarding rate does apply. If you would like to get your dog groomed on the pick up day, there is no charge for boarding on that day. We will let you know what time we will be done with his/her grooming!

We are closed on all major holidays. There are no drop offs or pick ups on those days. The boarding rates still applies on those days, since your pet is still being taken care of on that day.

When you bring your pet for boarding, please make sure that your dog has a collar and leash on, or that your cat is housed in a carrier.

Professional, insured carers make sure your dog has a vacation as great as yours!

Ask us about boarding your small pets too!

Boarding Info:

We must have documentation on your dog/cats vaccines, and they must be up to date. If you are boarding your pet for the first time, please bring their records with you on the drop off day. If you board your pet with us all the time, make sure that you update us with those records once a year. The kennel cough vaccine is mandatory.

   We provide Pedigree dry and wet dog food. If your dog eats a different brand of food, you may bring it with you. If a dog's diet is abruptly changed it can make them sick! Please let us know how much you feed your dog each day, if he/she can have treats, and if there may be a food allergy.

If your dog or cat has medication, we will dispurse it. If you use a particular food to give him/her the medication (ex. peanut butter, bologna, treats), you must provide it. Also make sure you let us know of any medical problems your pet might have.

We provide bath rugs for your pet to sleep on. If you have a small bed for them, or a small blanket that you would like to bring in, that is fine.  You may also bring in a couple of their toys for them to play with, it can help them feel more at home.


If you have any other questions, please call or just ask us when you drop your pet off.